2018 AGM


 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the North Western Federation of Philatelic Societies  held at 12 noon on Saturday 20th January 2018 at Sale Grammar School.

  1. The Chairman welcomed to the meeting delegates, Executive committee members and office holders of the Federation.
  • Apologies were received from: Stephen Parkin; Peter Aveyard; Philip Wharmby; Barry Evans; Dave and Karen Evans.
  • The minutes of the previous meeting which had been previously circulated and posted on the Federation website were noted.
  • There were no matters arising.
  1. Reports

2.1 The Chairman thanked all officers and committee members for their work during the past year. Looking back over 2017 he noted that the Federation appeared to be in reasonable health; the first Paul Gaywood Lecture had taken place (hosted by Trafford PS which he thanked); the new One-Page competition appeared to have excited a good level of interest and a new local society, the Lancashire and Cheshire Postal History society had recently joined the Federation.

2.2 The Secretary echoed the Chairman’s positive comments about the activities of the Federation and, on behalf of the meeting, thanked him for his work in overseeing the workings of the Federation.

2.3 The Treasurer presented the accounts and showed a balance of £7302.06. These were accepted. (Copies are available for inspection upon application to the Treasurer.)

2.4 In the absence of the Packet Superintendents, the Treasurer presented the Packet Report. At present 9 societies take the packet and some 9 vendors are active with some 1500 books in circulation. Any other societies interested in joining the scheme should contact the Superintendents. The Packet Superintendents were thanked for their work, which is greatly valued. As was seen from the Accounts, the Packet Scheme contributes significantly to the Federation’s income, as well as returning a small income to participating societies.

2.4 The Webmaster reported that as far as he was concerned the website appeared to be operating effectively and was being accessed by members, and that the email circulation appeared to be well-received, although maintaining up-to-date email addresses was not always easy.

2.4 The Secretary had no new developments to report with regard to Youth Philately.

  1. Election of Officers

3.1 There being no nominations for officers or for members of the executive committee, all officers and committee members were re-elected for the coming year (see ‘List of Officers‘).

3.2 The Chairman gave notice that he would not be seeking re-election in 2019.

  1. Competitions

4.1 The closing date for the Spring competitions was confirmed as 31 March 2018

4.2 The new One-Page competition had attracted some 13 entries. These were currently on display and reportedly had attracted some interest amongst those attending the Sale Stamp Fair. It was decided to continue with the competition and all Societies were to be encouraged to put forward entries.

  1. Convention

5.1 Bolton PS were thanked for having hosted last year’s Convention.

5.2 The 2018 Convention will be held as usual on the last Saturday of October (27.10.18) and will be hosted again by Bolton PS. Further particulars will be circulated in due course.

  1. Contacts List
  • At the suggestion of a fellow member, the Webmaster had put together a Contacts List for all Societies belonging to the Federation. The aim of this was to provide a leaflet with a name and contact details for each Society that could be distributed at regional stamp fairs or similar, promoting both the Federation and local societies. The meeting welcomed this initiative and authorized the Webmaster to produce a list that could be distributed to local societies.
  1. AOB

7.1 Dave Rothery was thanked for his work in maintaining the ‘Speakers List’ for the Federation. He gave notice that he would be doing a ‘refresh’ of the list in the near future and asked that anyone interested in adding their name to the list should get in touch with him.

7.2 The Chairman raised the matter of trying to make contact with Specialist Societies in the Region. The meeting welcomed the idea and asked the Chairman to take the matter in hand.

7.3 Jamie Smith reported on the success of his first International Competition between Stockport and Pretoria. Some 8 entries from each side had been submitted and he was pleased to report that the overall winner had been Stephen Parkin. However, setting up a future similar competition was proving difficult and he would be grateful for any help in identifying foreign philatelic societies, which might be interested in taking part.

7.4 The future of the Paul Gaywood lecture was discussed. It was generally felt that the evening had been a success and whilst the topic had only been of perhaps marginal interest, it was agreed that this should become an annual event. Some discussion took place about possible speakers and another venue. It was agreed that the Chairman would seek to engage a speaker and the Bolton PS would host the event, possibly in October 2018.

The meeting closed at 13.10