Competition Results (Autumn 2017)

Morecambe Trophy (32 Sheets)

1st  Dave Rothery (Kendal PS): ‘Sudan Airmail’ (86 Marks – GOLD)

Postal History (George Thorp Trophy)

1st  Harold Howard (Lostock PS): ‘New Zealand Registered Envelopes; QEII period’ (93 Marks – GOLD)

2nd Harold Howard (Lostock PS): NZ Ashburton Postal History Cancellation’ (92 Marks – GOLD)

3rd  Jamie Smith (Stockport PS): ‘Pot Pouri: South Africa World War II Ephemera’ (78 Marks – SILVER)

4th  Peter Kirk (Macclesfield and Prestbury PS): ‘Pitcairn Islands: the First Issue’ (66 Marks – SILVER-BRONZE)

Traditional (Arthur Saxon Trophy)

1st  Jamie Smith (Stockport PS): ‘KUT First Definitives by De La Rue – 1954’ (79 Marks – SILVER)

2nd  Peter Kirk (Macclesfield and Prestbury PS): ‘Cayman Islands 1888-1932’ (70 Marks – SILVER)\


1st  Peter Kirk (Macclesfield and Prestbury PS): ‘Giraffes’ (65 Marks – SILVER-BRONZE)

2nd  Peter Kirk (Macclesfield and Prestbury PS): ‘Jodrell Bank’ (60 Marks – BRONZE)

3rd  Norton Wragg (Macclesfield and Prestbury PS): ‘Lakes Ships of Lucerne’ (60 Marks – BRONZE)


1st  Peter Kirk (Macclesfield and Prestbury PS): ‘GB Postage Dues used for Revenue Purposes 1942-94’ (81 Marks – SILVER GILT)


1st  Peter Kirk (Macclesfield and Prestbury PS): ‘Airmails King George V’ (86 Marks – GOLD)