President’s Inter-Society Competition (John Crowther Trophy)

NB This Competition is held annually each Spring

The object of this competition is to enable  competitors reach the half-way stage in an entry for Inter-Federation Competitions.

Two individual members from any Society / Club may each select any different discipline and make up an entry of 16 sheets (One Frame). These will be submitted together as an entry for the award of the John Crowther Trophy, to be held for twelve months.

No one person may enter more than one sixteen-sheet entry per competition. That entry may not be re-entered for a period of three years in this competition. It may however be entered in any of the disciplines in the individual competitions in the following year.

Should an entrant belong to more than one Society / Club then entries can be submitted from each Society.

Each entry will have an introductory page, and on the reverse of the title page the name of the competitor will be listed along with the name of the Society. The entries, although submitted by individuals, will become, for the purpose of this competition, the entry of that Club / Society.

The marking scheme for entries will be as follows:

Philatelic Knowledge and Personal Study 35
Treatment, Originality and Importance 30
Relative Condition and Rarity 20
Presentation, Write-Up and Arrangement 15
Total 100

Thematic entries will be marked in accordance with the relevant marking scheme for that discipline.

Medals will not be awarded for this particular competition. Each participating exhibitor will receive a certificate.

NB These rules are provisional and may be subject to change.