Annual General Meeting 2020

Held at Sale Grammar School on Saturday 11 January 2020 at 12 noon


Present: P. Aveyard (Morecambe), E. Dunn (Bolton), B. Evans (Burnley), C. Hawley (Trafford), C. Griffiths (Chair), P. Kirk (Treasurer & Packet Superintendant), K. Knight (Rochdale), J. Morton (Stockport), S. Parkin (Stockport), D. Sigee (President), D. Rothery (Kendal), J. Smith (Poynton + Marple), P. Wharmby (Oldham + Lancs & Cheshire PHS)

  1. The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed all those attending.
  2. The Minutes for the previous meeting held on 6 April 2019 and previously published on the Federation website were noted.
  3. Matters arising:
  • Evans reported that the 75th Anniversary certificate had been received by Burnley PS
  • Bolton PS was thanked for its help in supporting the Convention in conjunction with the Bolton Stamp Fair, which was held on 26 October. Winning entries from the Autumn Competitions had been displayed most successfully. It was agreed that subject to final confirmation from Bolton PS, the Convention would again be hosted by Bolton PS at the fair on the last Saturday in October 2020.
  1. Reports
  • The Chairman thanked all officers and committee members for their work and expressed his pleasure that the Federation Competitions were once again up and running thanks to the efforts of Dave Rothery. He also reported that Adrian Jones the current Hon. Secretary would be standing down due to ill health. The meeting endorsed a motion of thanks to Adrian for all his work over many years and hoped that he would soon return to good health.
  • The Packet Superintendent tabled his report.2018 had seen the winding down of the circulation previously managed by Karen and Dave Evans, but during 2019 a new circulation had been established with 58 packets either having completed a circulation or still in the process of doing so. Commission charges had now been fixed at 10% for Vendors (having previously been 12%) with 2.5% being returned to participating Societies. The commission received in 2019 amounted to £411.41 (less setting up costs of £155.60 – boxes, stationery etc.) giving an income to the Federation of £361.65. There are now 13 Societies taking the Packet and the Packet Superintendent hoped that more would join the scheme as not only does it offer a genuine service to individual members of Societies, but it also provides a good income to the Federation, which should exceed £500 in the coming year. The Report was accepted and the Packet Superintendent thanked for his hard work. The meeting also endorsed the Packet Superintendent’s thanks to Karen and Dave Evans for their work in having taken over the packet circulation in very difficult circumstances.
  • The Treasurer presented the accounts for the year ending 31 December 2019. Income had exceeded expenditure by £256.16, although income from subscriptions had declined slightly due to falling numbers of members of some Societies and the closure of one Society. The accounts showed that the Federation had balance of £7673.29. The Treasurer was thanked and his report was accepted.
  • The Webmaster reported that a SSL certificate had been purchased for the Federation website and this meant that no one should have any difficulty in accessing it. The email circulation list seemed to be operating effectively.
  • The Competition Organiser reported the successful re-instatement of Federation Competitions. There had been a good response both for the Autumn Competitions and the One-Page Competition, the results of which were now available and would be published on the website, as had those of the Autumn competitions. He also recorded his thanks to Bill Shand and his colleagues of the North East Philatelic Association for judging the Autumn Competitions, and to our own Harold Howard who had judged the One-Page Competition. The Competition Organiser was thanked for his work. Following discussion it was agreed that arrangements for submission to and judging of the Inter-Society Rose Bowl Competition should be set in motion with a view to exhibiting winners at the next Sale Stamp Fair in April.
  1. Paul Gaywood Lecture

The Chairman reported that Hugh Jefferies, former editor of of Gibbons Stamp Monthly, had agreed to give the next lecture in October 2020, although a precise date had not yet been agreed. This year, the lecture would again be hosted by Trafford PS.

Rochdale PS had requested at the AGM last year that they might host the lecture for 2021 when they would be celebrating their 80th Anniversary. Subject to the society confirming that they still wished to do so, and could make suitable arrangements for an audience of 30-40 this was agreed. The President confirmed that he would be happy to give the lecture, at a date to be agreed with the Society.

The Chairman outlined his suggestion that in future any constituent society might ask for the privilege of holding the Paul Gaywood lecture. The Federation would sponsor the event and cover any necessary expenditure (travel, accommodation etc.) and, as required, would offer assistance in finding and approaching suitable speakers. Societies should put forward suggestions for speakers to the executive committee during the calendar year prior to the proposed lecture.

It was agreed that the Executive committee could look into taking forward this scheme for the lecture scheduled to be held in 2022.

  1. Election of Officers

The President is beginning the second year of his tenure, but all other officers required re-election for 2020.

Apart from the Hon. Secretary, all officers had expressed a willingness to continue with their roles and there being no other nominations all were declared re-elected.

Chairman – Clive Griffiths

Treasurer – Peter Kirk

Packet Superintendent – Peter Kirk

Webmaster – Clive Griffiths

Speakers’ List Co-ordinator – Dave Rothery

Competition Organiser – Dave Rothery

There were no nominations for the post of Secretary.

  1. Election of Committee Members

Peter Aveyard gave notice that he did not wish to seek re-election, but that he would continue to produce certificates for the Federation. Peter was thanked for his work over many years and for his willingness to continue to produce our certificates.

Stephan Parkin was re-elected to the committee.

The following were nominated and elected to the committee by the meeting:

Eddie Dunn (Bolton PS)

Kenneth Knight (Rochdale PS)

John Morton (Stockport and East Cheshire PS)

  1. AOB
  • It was agreed that certificates would be produced for Trafford PS and Stockport PS on the occasions of their 75th and 80th Anniversaries respectively.
  • The Chairman drew everyone’s attention to the fact that the Federation would be celebrating its 75th Anniversary in 2023. It was agreed that the executive committee should investigate suitable ways of marking the occasion.
  • There was discussion regarding the number of qualified judges in the North West. It was agreed that Stephen Parkin would look into the practicalities of organizing a seminar/workshop either to refresh the credentials of current judges, if we could find out who might qualify, or to begin the recruitment of new judges.

The Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and closed the meeting at 12.59 pm.