Aerophilatelic Trophy

The trophy shall be awarded to a study of philatelic material prepared for and conveyed by airmail, whether official or unofficial, and may contain items commemorating aerial meetings and events. Relevant advertisements, photographs, notices, press cuttings, maps, leaflets etc. may be included, as may autographed letters relating to aero-postal history. Displays, which consist solely of airmail stamps, will also be judged in this class.

The General Rules shall apply.

The entry shall consist of 16 sheets

The judges shall award marks for each entry within the following maxims:

Aerophilatelic Knowledge and Personal Research 30
Importance of the Exhibit and Special Features 20
Relative Condition 15
Rarity 15
Presentation, Write-Up and General Appearance 20
Total 100


Note: Rarity refers to the number existing and the difficulty in obtaining items and NOT to their monetary value.