Postal Stationery

Postal Stationery Competition

This competition is a 16 sheet (or a one frame) entry.

The General Rules shall apply, asĀ appropriate .

Every exhibit should have an introductory page as the first sheet. The object of this page is to introduce the subject matter and to set out its scope. It is not a list of contents.

This is a world-wide class for exhibits of Postal Stationery. Exhibits can include proofs, essays and formula items where appropriate. Exhibits entirely comprising items without printed designations of face value are likely to be transferred to another class.

No medal is awarded or competed for in this competition.

The marking will be as follows:

Treatment 20
Philatelic Importance 5
Philatelic and Related Knowledge, Personal Study and Research 35
Condition 15
Rarity 10
Presentation 15
Total 100