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Speaker Subject(s) Philatelic Societies Speaker belongs to Travel (T)

Expenses (E)

Peter Aveyard FRPSL

01524 410 350



Lancaster Postal History.

GB Penny Reds – Die II Alphabet III.

Philatelic History (Social) of Lancaster & Morecambe.

Peter has an extensive collection of Postal History and this list is the tip of the iceberg. Includes National & International Competitions

Royal Philatelic Society.

Great Britain Philatelic Society.


T: up to 30 miles

E: petrol

Derek Burton

01625 879 700


(Note the ‘underscore’ in the email address)

Central Europe (various).

Isle of Man Trams.

One Aspect of Eire.

GB £sd Machins.



Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain.

Insurance & Banking Philatelic Society.

T: anywhere

E: not required

David Cox

01704 560 232



GB Pre-Machin Coil Leaders 1912-66. Great Britain Philatelic Society. T: 50/60 miles radius of Southport, any time of year

E: petrol if over 15 miles

Duncan Crewe

0151 733 1291



Hong Kong Airmails.

Imperial Airways Crash Mail.

Imperial Airways Eastern Route.

Imperial Airways African Route.

Empire Flying Boats.

Imperial Airways Ephemera.

Croydon Airport.

Liverpool & Merseyside.


British Air Mail Society.

Postal History Society.

Society of Postal Historians.

T: public transport only

E: appreciated for longer distances

Susan Crewe

0151 733 1291



Various aspects of Hong Kong.

North East Lancashire Postal History.

Liverpool & Merseyside.


Postal History Society.

Hong Kong Study Circle.

T: public transport only

E: appreciated for longer distances

Eddie Dunn

0795 585 1735




– Art Issues.

– Tourist Issues.

– Postal History, in 3 parts:

(i) Postal History of the Tarn Department.

(ii) French Linear Postmarks 1792-1832.

(iii) Numerical Paris Star Postmarks 1863-1876.




T: anywhere within the NW Federation

E: not necessary

Steve Ellis

01782 208 669



French Maritime Mail.

French Red Cross.

Liverpool Maritime Mail.

French Rail Mail.


France & Colonies P.S.

Postal History Society.

T: 40 miles maximum

E: not required

Barry Evans

01282 616 156



The Universal Postal Union.

George VI, Commonwealth and Early QEII.

From St Kilda to Tristan Da Cunha, in 2 halves.

Burnley. T: anywhere within the NW Federation

E: £10 towards petrol

Mark W Everiss FRPSL

07971 596244
Please leave a message and Mark will call you back.



The Russian Civil War, in 3 parts:

i) Intervention and Occupation.

ii) South Russia.

iii) Siberia, North Russia and the Far East.

Georgia and the British Occupation of Batum.

The Galapagos Islands.

Burnley. T: 50-75 miles, any time of year

E: petrol over 30 miles

Clive Griffiths




The Messina Earthquake 1908 (postcards mainly).

Fiume 1918-1924.

The Brutal Friendship: Postal Aspects of the Hitler-Mussolini Alliance 1937-41.

Portraits of a King: the definitive issues of Italy during the reign of Victor Emmanuel III.


Italy & Colonies Study Circle.

T: not specified, contact Speaker

E: contribution to petrol expenses

Norman Hudson FRPSL

01244 318 156


(Email contact preferred please)

The Scottish Islands.

Orkney and Shetland.


Faroe Islands.

Czechoslovakia, in 2 parts:

i) Alfons Mucha (graphic artist).

ii) The Tatra Mountains of Slovakia (thematic).

A Trip to the Tropics.

Royal Philatelic Society London.

Faroe Islands Study Circle.

Scottish Postal History Society.

Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of GB.

British Thematic Association.

Ellesmere Port.

T: must be accessible by public transport from Chester

E: not required

Fred Ikin

01270 560 261

The German Red Cross to 1945.

German Charities to 1945.

Berlin & Day of the Stamp (2 halves).

Crewe. T: up to 50 miles from Crewe

E: petrol

Arthur Jennion

01744 812 656



Mail on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway.

The Faroe Islands – Skids Post; Postal History; WWII; and Stamps Danish & Faroese.

The Atlantic Drift Card Experiment.

St Helens & District PS.

The Royal PS.

The Scandinavia PS.

The Faroe Islands Study Circle.

The GB PS.

The Perfin Society.

The TPO & Sea Post Society.

T: anywhere within the NW Federation (Elsewhere by arrangement)

E: not required

Keith E Johnson

01270 580 634



Lord Tennyson through Philately.

Aspects of Gilbert & Ellice Islands through to Kiribati (2 parts).

A Tour of Lincoln City and its Postal History.


Pacific Islands Study Circle.

T: anywhere in the North West

E: petrol

Alan Kelsall

01539 532541



Great Britain to & through France before 1875.

Aachen Station and the Alps.

Great Britain Philatelic Society.


Bolton le Sands.

T: anywhere in the North

E: nil

Jack Lindley

0161 705 1074



New Zealand – most aspects:
Military, Postal History, Airmail, Health, Stamps, Definitives & Commemoratives.New Zealand Dependencies:
Cook Islands, Niue & Samoa.


T: relies on Eddie Dunn for transport (see his details)
Philip Longbottom

01625 439 997



The Netherlands.


Macclesfield & Prestbury.



Nothing for up to 2hrs travelling, beyond by negotiation
Brian Lythgoe

01928 735 440



French Cameroons.

British & German Cameroons.

1840/1940 Stamp Centenary.

Postal and Airmail History of the Isles of Scilly.

Royal Philatelic Society London.



Ellesmere Port.

Liverpool & Merseyside.


T: any within reason

E: nil

Graham Macpherson


01606 883 934

GB 1939-1951 High Value Arms Issues. Northwich. T: within reason

E: depends on distance

Peter McCann


07534 488 543

GB Queen Victoria, Stamps and Postal History Preston T: anywhere within the NW Federation

E: nil

Jeremy Meal


0161 439 9553

Norwich Postal History from 1587.

UK Postal Mechanisation.

Trials and Tribulations – UK Test Mail and Outcomes in the Mechanised Era.

World Postal Mechanisation.

Falklands or Malvinas 9409 – the 15 Weeks of the 1982 War (a half display).

Stockport and East Cheshire PS.

PMSC – The Postal Mechanisation Study Circle

T: 80 mile radius

E: only over 25 miles radius from Stockport

Stephen Parkin



Edinburgh: Postal History.

Edinburgh: Mail by Rail.

Edinburgh: 20th Century Postal History.

Midlothian Postal History.

King Edward 8th.

Stockport & East Cheshire.


Royal Philatelic Society.

Scottish Postal History Society.

Society of Postal Historians.

T: anywhere in NW Federation

E: minimal

G W Pickles

01772 746 086

A Bobby’s Hobby.

Police Philately.

Preston. T: within 50 miles of Preston

E: petrol

Neil Ritchie

07720 040 152



Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914-19.

Russia – Great War, Civil War and Beyond.

Russia – Censorship Mail 1914-19.

Aspects of Poland from the beginning up to WW2.

Sheffield PS.

President of the BSRP (British Society of Russian Philately).

Spanish Study Circle.

Forces Postal History Society.

Civil Censorship Study Circle.

Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain.

Canadian Military Mail Study Group.

Postal History Society.


T: by arrangement

E: by arrangement

Peter Rooke FRPSL
Fellow of the Society of Postal Historians01942 208 702



Denmark – Stamps and Postal History.

France – Postal History (pre-philatelic/Napoleonic Wars).

Napoleonic Italy.

Westmorland – Postal History.

The Postal History of Wigan.

St. Helens.


Scandinavia PS.

France & Colonies PS.

Italy & Cols. Study Circle.

Society of Postal Historians.

Cumbria Postal History Society.

T: any by arrangement

E: petrol over 50 miles

Bill Ross

07769 225 680


The Postal History and Stamps of Aland Island.

An Introduction to the Postal History and Stamps of Greenland.



The Scandinavia PS.

T: 50/60 miles round trip

E: petrol and Mersey Toll (if tunnel used)

David Sigee FRPSL

0161 973 5529



College Stamps of Oxford and Cambridge.

Royal Mail – 1840 and beyond.

Mauritius: Stamps and postal history to 1900.

A Passage to India: Stamps of the Feudatory States.

Royal Philatelic Society.

Great Britain Philatelic Society.


India Study Circle.

T: 30 miles any time of year

E: petrol

Jamie Smith



Jamie also has a number of ‘zoom’ talks prepared. Contact Jamie for details.

British Military in the Middle East 1799-1956.

KUT Postal History.

GB QEII Wildings Postal History, etc – Includes commemoratives and posted abroad – National Service.

Egypt – Stamps and Postal History.

Middle East Postal History – Including Iraq, Persia/Iran, Persian Gulf, Aden, Egypt + a little Syria etc. to cover area.

QEII in Africa – Stamps and Postal History.

QEII North and South Rhodesia  & Nyasaland.

Persia/Iran Stamps and Postal History.

‘How South Africa won World War II’ (20 frames (240 pages)).

‘All at Sea’ (16 frames (172 pages)). Aspects of philately and military history connected to the sea 1799-1984, concentrates on World War II.

World War II – East of Suez.

Aden – Stamps and Postal History.

Stockport PS.

Stockport Collector’s Society.



Forces Postal History Society.

T: no car, relies on a lift or being met from bus or train

E: any incurred re travel

A L Totten

01606 891 110


Norway to 1914.

Norway from 1939.

Norway – Ships, Trains and Planes.

Cruising to North Cape and beyond.

Northwich. T: within the NW Federation

E: petrol

Julian Tweed

0151 353 8313



GB Express Mail.

GB Late Fee Mail.

GB Too Late Mail.

The Postal History of the Irish Sea Crossings.

Royal Philatelic Society.

Great Britain Philatelic Society.

Postal History Society.

Society of Postal Historians.



T: any within reason

E: none required

Philip Wharmby

0161 766 8377

0796 087 2645 (Mobile)



UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Aircraft on Stamps.


Cinderella Stamps of the World.


GB 1953 – 1990.



T: on public transport

E: required (limited, has a bus & rail card)

Richard Wheatley FRPSL, Fellow of the Society of Postal Historians

0113 260 1978



Netherlands East Indies – mainly postal history 1786 to WW1.

i) Hotels, with Post Offices.
ii) Simon Arzt Store in Port Said, with Post Office.

Spitfires – “that which spits fire”.

Leeds Postal History.

Royal Philatelic Society.

Postal History Society.

Egypt Study Circle.

Leeds PS.

Bradford PS.

(outside NW Fed area)

T: anywhere in the NW Federation

E: hospitality would be appreciated (please clarify this when booking Mr Wheatley)

Yvonne Wheatley FRPSL

0113 260 1978





Royal Philatelic Society.

Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain.

Railways Philatelic Group.

Postal History Society.

Leeds PS.

Bradford PS.

(outside NW Fed area)

T: anywhere in the NW Federation

E: hospitality would be appreciated (please clarify this when booking Mrs Wheatley)

Norton Wragg

01625 613 654




– Charity issues postal history.

– Railways.

– Postcards.

– Nachnahme (Cash Collection Service).

Macclesfield and Prestbury.


Helvetia Philatelic Society.

T: 50 miles (over by arrangement)

E: Petrol

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