General Competition Rules


  1. The competitions shall be held annually, and be confined to members of Societies affiliated to the North Western Federation of Philatelic Societies. Entries must be the property and sole work of the entrant, and be submitted in the entrant’s name.
  2. A winning entry (i.e. the entry placed first) may not be entered again for three years, except that of the winner of the Novices’ Trophy, which may be entered in any of the senior competitions in any subsequent year and then be subject to those rules.
  3. Entries shall be PHOTOCOPIES on sheets placed in protective covers whose dimensions do not exceed 25 cm by 30 cm.
  4. Entries must be with the Secretary prior to the date of competition, for judging purposes. It will be the responsibility of exhibitors to collect or to arrange collection of their entries around 1500 hours on the date of the competition, which is usually at a convention. Should any entry not be collected, and alternative arrangements not made with the Secretary, it will be returned by the most appropriate means and the exhibitor will be liable for all costs incurred by the Federation.
  5. The judges will have the right to transfer an entry from any competition to another, if in their opinion it has been incorrectly entered.
  6. All sheets should be numbered on the back. It may not be possible to display all sheets, in which case nine will be displayed. The exhibitor is requested to circle the number of the nine sheets to be displayed, or these will be selected by the organisers.
  7. An entry may be entered in one category only, at any one Convention.
  8. The trophies shall remain the property of the Federation, shall be held by the winners for a period of 12 months, and kept in good condition by them. They shall be produced to the Federation upon request and shall not be loaned for exhibitions or any other purpose without the prior consent of the Federation.
  9. Judges shall be appointed by the Executive Committee of the North Western Federation.
  10. These General Rules shall apply to all competitions organised by, or on behalf of, the North Western Federation of Philatelic Societies.