1. NAME

The name shall be “The North Western Federation of Philatelic Societies”


(a) To bring together the Philatelic Societies in the area

(b) To foster development of those Societies and to help in the promotion of new Societies

(c) To create friendship and understanding between all affiliated Societies

(d) To further the exchange of visits and displays

(e) To promote Conventions and Exhibitions in conjunction with affiliated Societies

(f) To promote and encourage study circles

(g) To form a panel of those speakers willing to give talks and/or displays, and to circulate, from time to time, lists of such speakers.

(h) To circulate an exchange packet among members of the affiliated Societies

(i) To further the interests of philately in any other manner


(a)  Membership of the Federation shall be open to any Philatelic Society in the area approved by the Executive Committee – at present the counties of Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, the High Peak of Derbyshire and North Wales Coast.

(b)  Any Society desirous of ceasing affiliation shall give notice in writing not less than three clear months before the end of the current financial year, to the Honorary Secretary of the Federation, and no part fees or subscriptions already paid shall be returnable.

(c)  Any Society whose subscription has been in arrears for two financial years shall be deemed to have ceased to be affiliated to the Federation.


(a) The affairs of the Federation shall be conducted by the Executive Committee, reporting at the Annual general Meeting.

(b) The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Federation and Committee Members appointed at the Annual General Meeting.

(c) The Officers of the Federation shall consist of the Honorary – Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Packet Superintendent (s), Webmaster, Youth Co-ordinator and any other officers appointed at the Annual General Meeting.

(d) Officers of the Federation will normally have a tenure of three years, with the possibility of continuation if no other candidates are available for election.

(e) Ordinary members of the Executive committee shall be elected at the AGM for a term of two years with the possibility of renewal.

(f) The Executive Committee may appoint from among the members such Sub-Committees as it shall deem necessary and expedient, and may depute or refer to them such of its powers and duties as it may determine.

(g) The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt members in an advisory capacity.


(a) The Annual General Meeting of the Federation shall be held not later than 31st May each year.

(b) At least 21 days written notice of such a meeting shall be given, published on the Federation website.

(c) Affiliated Societies have the right to appoint delegates to attend the Annual General Meeting on the basis of one delegate for every fifty members or part thereof, with a maximum of three delegates from any one Society.

(d) The Societies whose delegates are appointed as Officers shall have the right to nominate an alternative delegate, in which case the Officer concerned shall automatically cease to be a delegate.

(e) Members of affiliated Societies who are not members of the Executive Committee or Society delegates may attend Federation meetings where they are welcome to speak but not vote.

(f) Notices of motions to be moved at an Annual General Meeting shall be notified to the Secretary of the Federation not less than 14 days before the date of the Meeting.

(g) The Annual General Meeting shall elect the Officers and the Executive Committee. Nominations will be accepted at or before the Meeting.


(a) 14 days written notice shall be given to all members of the Executive Committee in advance of all meetings. Such notice will be posted on the Federation website.The Executive Committee shall have power to fill any vacancies that may arise between Annual General Meetings.

(b) An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Federation may be called by the Executive Committee or at the written request of not less than 3 delegates from members of different affiliated Societies. 14 days written notice, to be posted on the Federation website, shall be given of this meeting, which shall be called by the Honorary Secretary within 28 days of the written request.


(a) The Quorum for any Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting shall be not less than SIX voting attendees – including society delegates and Executive Committee members.


(a) Voting at Annual General Meetings or Extraordinary General Meetings shall be by show of hands or by ballot, at the discretion of the Chairman. All society delegates and Executive Committee members except the Chairman shall have a right to vote, but the Chairman shall have a casting vote in the case of a tie. Except as provided in Rule 10(b), any resolution or election shall be decided by a majority of votes.


(a) The financial year shall end on the 31st December in each year

(b) The annual subscription payable by affiliated Societies shall be determined from time to time by the Annual General Meeting or by an Extraordinary General Meeting.

(c) Subscriptions shall become due on 1st September each year, based on the previous season’s membership, and payable in advance.

(d) The Federation shall cause its accounts to be regularly entered in proper books, and the balance sheet shall be laid before the Annual General Meeting.

(e) The Executive Committee shall be authorised to reimburse the whole or part, at their discretion, of reasonable expenses incurred by the Officers of the Federation, or a Federation sub-committee. These include postage, printing, the transport of frames etc, but exclude travelling expenses to and from meetings of the Federation.

10.  RULES

(a) The rules may only be amended at the Annual General Meeting, or at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose.

(b) No amendments of these rules shall be deemed to be carried unless the number voting in favour is at least two thirds of those present and entitled to vote.

(c) Notification of any amendment to these rules shall be given in writing to the Secretary of each affiliated Society within 28 days of the passing of such amendment.

(d) The Chairman shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of these rules, and the decision of the Chairman upon any question of their interpretation, or upon any matters affecting the Federation and not provided for by these rules, shall be final and binding on the affiliated Societies.


All nominations for the following distinctions and awards should be submitted to the Executive Committee, which will decide on merit.

(a) The title of President of the Federation may be awarded to a distinguished philatelist in recognition of major philatelic attainment beyond the North West. The title will be held for a period of two years, during which time the recipient will be expected to give an invited lecture and will be invited to attend meetings of the Executive Committee.

(b) Individuals may be invited to sign the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists in the North West in recognition of acclaimed philatelic study by members of the Federation. The book of signatures, with information on participants, is retained by the Federation Secretary.

(c) Awards of a Federation Gold Medal and Certificates of Recognition may also be awarded separately to individuals who have made an important general contribution to philately throughout the North West.


(a) The Executive Committee shall have the power to act in all matters not covered by the foregoing rules and shall have the custody and control of all property which may be acquired in connection with, and of all gifts and bequests to, the Federation

(b) Information about the North West Federation and its activities will normally be conveyed by email or via the website ( Information to affiliated societies will also be sent by post if requested.


(a) Dissolution of the North West Federation can only be carried out after an appropriate motion has been carried at a General Meeting. Notice of such a motion, with information about the date and venue of the General Meeting, must be advertised on the Federation website and must be posted to all affiliated Societies at least four weeks in advance.

(b) If any such motion is carried the remaining Executive Committee shall dispose of all Federation assets and funds to national philatelic funds or organisations of their choice. These might include organisations such as the Association of British philatelic Societies (ABPS), Stamp Active, The Royal Philatelic Society (RPSL) and the National Postal Museum.

(c) Final details of the disposal of Federation assets shall be posted to all affiliated Societies.

Adopted by the Annual General Meeting of the Federation on 21 January 2017